Senin, 23 November 2015

Great Paris Saint-Germain’s Prime France Soccer Club Posting

Did you know PSG FC? PSG FC is a acronym for Paris Saint-Germain’s Football Team. It's the French expert soccer team which is based in Paris. It is often established from Forty-five years ago on August Twelve, 1970. This team is the merger from Stade Saint-Germain plus Paris FC, so that the mention was PSG. This team has the famous identify for Les Rouge-et Bleu (The Red and Blue) and Les Parisiens (The Parisians) and has a short name like Paris PSG, PSG, or Paris. This club have competed from 1974 in Ligue One.

The Paris Saint-Germain’s Football Team has scooped a Coupe de France for 9 times, Ligue 1 with five times, Coupe de la Ligeu for 5 times, Ligue 2 for once, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup for once, Trophee des Champhions for five times plus the last is UEFA Intertoto trophy for once. PSG is one of the two France football team to achieve the major of European club tournaments and is being the joint-most successful soccer team in France. There's also many domestic match achievements that they obtained till this season. Even if they're the young football team, they've lots of achievements within the whole seasons.

Likewise the other football clubs, this club also has their own ground for them to be the place for training every day. The ground of this club is Parc des Princes with the capacity of 48,712 spectators. This stadium has been their ground since 1974. If you are interested to be a part of the Paris Saint-Germain’s Football Club, you can join the PSG Academy that will train you to be a professional football player and play for the PSG FC. You can try to find more information about it if you want to be part of them.
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Fascinating Paris Saint-Germain’s Best France Football Team Posting

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